Bokutachi wa Akuma: Chapter 4
“Maika! Have you made your decision about these friends of Rin yet?” Though the entire, final decision came down to Mikiya, Maika's decision was still highly appreciated and Mikiya valued it greatly. Sitting at the office desk in the living room, Mikiya leaned his head over the seat, looking up to the ceiling. “Mai!” He shouted again, trying to get Maika's attention.

“Did you call me?” a more youthful, deeper voice had returned the call. A meatier, tall boy had skipped into the living room from the rest of the house. It was a rare thing for Mikiya, but his parents were busy, and he was left with a babysitting job.

Mikiya spun in his chair, leaning it back to its limits. With the recognition of the other’s voice, he looked at the boy grimly.
“Mizuki. I called Ma-i-ka, not Mi-zu-ki.” Mizuki was Mikiya's younger, foster brother. He had a misunderstood incident many years back, and that resulted in him having to move into foster care. He was five years younger then Mikiya, but lacked much more maturity then that of five years. “Can you just go get him please?” Mikiya tapped his pen against his cheek, trying to contain the low level tolerance towards Mizuki.

Snapping his fingers playfully, opening his mouth about to say something. Mikiya raised his hand, pointing for him to leave without saying a word. Mizuki dropped his hand like a puppy and spun on his heels, walking down the hall.
Moments later Maika jumped down the dancing along to a beat in his head. He stopped at the edge of the rug under the office desk.
“What is it Mi nii?” he was bubbly as usual, his comedic tone was always apparent, even if he was being serious.

Mikiya dropped his head to his chest, letting out a soft sigh. Clapping his hands together, he started off his little monologue.
“Maika, the interviews we had last week with Rin’s friends from Osaka, are we taking them? I mean we are only just starting off, taking on a whole new crew is risky, right? We've heard them sing, we've seen them do the dance arrangement you set up for them, and they were good. This is a big investment for me, and you too. When you and I and Maa chan and Ai had accepted Rin into our project, we all had to discuss it in depth. How much have you and I talked about this?” He took a deep breath, about to continue his monologue when Maika had cut him off quickly.

He put his hand out, stopping him before he could continue again. Sometimes there were times when Mikiya had started talking where he could not stop himself.
“Yes.” He threw his outreached hand to his side. Whether he didn't want them or not, he would have answered as quickly as possible to make Mikiya stop thinking about it and relax for once. “I think they will be good, and I'm confident that they will remain focused on everything we will be doing.” Maika always had a say in what this group did. They had started it together back in high school, and they were going to keep it together as a team.
“Going to have to go talk to our manager and tell him we have the new installment.” Maika continued, starting his own little monologue. “I'm sure he will have no problem with the addition of five new members. I know we can do it. I mean the song you wrote for ‘Go!’ was perfect.” They had yet to even do a sample record due to a problem at the recording studio, but the sound that he could hear in his head was good.

Mikiya clamped his hands around his head, letting out a stress-relieving sigh. He paused a moment when a bright smile peered on his thin lips, bearing his perfect straight, white teeth.
“Ah, yatta.” Finally, there was a solid decision. “Thank you Maika.” He stood, readying himself for a high five from Maika.

As he was about to continue his thanks to Maika, a nosy stepbrother cut him off.
“Ne, aniki. Are you and your friend taking those Osaka boys?” he placed his palms under his chin, trying to be cute. “Awe that's so cute! Aniki I think you should do what we talked about.” Mizuki skipped off to the door, dangling his keys.
“I'm leaving for a bit aniki. Kazuki said he had something important to tell me. He got in an accident a few days ago or something.” He grasped the keys to Mikiya's house in his fingers, waving off to Mikiya and Maika. “Jaa ne!” he waved cutely and darted out the door.

Maika had his head tilted, his jaw dropped and shifted off to the side as he listened to Mizuki. As soon as he left, he spun on his heels, facing Mikiya again, with the look plastered over his face.
“He isn’t talking about what I think he's talking about is he?” The two had discussed it before when Mizuki had first brought it up. Mikiya gave him a single, slow nod. “Awe! Hontou? He's still thinking about that!” Maika had moved to the couch, throwing himself over the top and landing on the cushion softly, laying flat on his back facing Mikiya.
“So what are you going to do? Are you going to take him?” Maika fiddled his fingers together, playing with the drawstring of his shorts.

Mikiya ruffled the back of his head, messing his hair. With just one question from a pesky stepbrother, all his stress came back.
“I don't know. I've seen his talent and determination but,” he stopped, making his way to the arm of their plush couch stepping over it, he set himself down, leaning himself on his knees in thought. “But he doesn't seem reliable. Not to mention my parents would be mad at me if I didn't.” His thumb ran over his bottom lip slowly, his eyes looking off into space.
“I guess we could give him a chance, he is my brother after all.” Shifting his gaze back to Maika, he seemed very unsure of his words, but it was the best thing to do.

Maika tilted his head back, leaning it over the arm of the couch. Throwing his arms up over his head, he stretched, letting out a following groan. In a family matter, Maika had no word in it, nor did he want to get involved in family matters. He let out a small hum, raising his head back up.
“Well whatever your decision, we have to go talk to the manager and tell him.” Maika relaxed himself, sinking into the cushion further. “Want to leave now and get it over and done with?” His dark brown hair was being played with, clearing it from his long, slender face. Mikiya had raised his browns looking at him with hesitation after a moment of though he nodded.
With elastic that he found on the side table, Maika tied his bangs atop his head, keeping them from his face.
“Then we should go before he leaves.” He groaned, throwing his feet over the edge of the couch as he sat up. Mikiya had nodded and agreed, hesitant, but he agreed.

Bokutachi wa Akuma: Chapter 3

Peddling as fast as he could, a young boy had been trying his hardest to get home on time from spending time with friends. He had not expected to end up so far away from home, but with bikes they had ventured off to a large bicycle park near Ueno Park. Supper had been set for six o’clock and he only had fifteen minutes to bicycle three kilometers.

“Ah, kuso!” He leaned over the handlebars of his mountain bike and peddled his heart out, trying to get home as fast as he could.

Zipping passed all the other pedestrians, his hair blowing back, exposing his mature face to the warm wind. His backpack had been bouncing back and forth with each step over the pedal, his focus completely on the watch on his wrist.

Taking his sweet time with his hands in the pockets of his black hoody, another young boy headed in a cross direction of the rushed boy. He wore the hood of his hoody to cover his head, his thick black hair masking his face from the low sun. The flawless features of his baby like face made others around him, look at his with dawning eyes. Though all attention was on him, they all seemed to avoid him. The young boy had certain darkness to his aura, upsetting all the strangers who neared him.

In a cross section of the streets, stopped by a red light, the young hooded boy came to a slow stop. The bantering of dozens of friends and businessmen on cell phones had been giving him a headache. As soon as the light turned green, prompting him the permission to walk, he began again. In one step, he started walking, when something had caught his sensitive eye. A boy on a bike had zoomed by, ignoring the red light he was crossing on. Stopping before his foot had left the curb, his gaze shot to the boy on the bike.

Speeding to catch the turning signal before it had turned red, a 4X4 pickup truck had begun going through. The man in the pickup ignored any signs of pedestrians crossing when they weren’t supposed to on the red light cross walk. Directly in its path, was that rushed boy trying to get home. He shot a gaze to the vehicle, they had no intention on slowing down. Quickly, with no visual confirmation, the young, hooded boy had rushed to the biker’s aid. With standby’s screams, the truck had his the bicycle, hurdling it across the intersection. The male driver had screeched to a stop in the middle of the road. Jumping out, he had looked for remains the poor boy he suspected he had hit. Pedestrians swarmed into the streets, searching themselves for the boy’s body. All drivers had begun shouting at each other, wondering why no one was moving.

On the corner of the street, behind the growing crowd, stood the boy who wore a black hoody, tightly hugging the young biker. His thin, strong body wrapped tightly around the boy, protecting him. Finally regaining a sense of courage, the young boy slowly opened his eyes, still not breathing. Pulling back from the saviors grasp, he looked with wide, diluted eyes, which soon filled with wet tears.

“Ruka nii!” He dove to his savors shoulder, hugging him tightly. Tears soon fell, he sobbed onto the cool skin of the hooded boy. The young, black haired boy covered his face, burring his face into Ruka’s neck.

Being locked always in the vice of the young boys grip, Ruka had no expression in his warm eyes. He had just saved a young boy from instant death, yet he was incapable of feeling hope. His long, pale fingers gripped the boys shoulders, feeling just how much he had been shaking. He pushed the boy off of him, holding him still while his cold locked onto him with a stern expression.

“Kazuki. Look what you are doing.” He spoke in a low cold tone. Ruka was a very young and very handsome, but he was very shy and quiet, cruel to the untrained eye. He rarely spoke, and when he did, he usually made logical sense, which usually raised more questions. Ruka slowly dropped his hands, resting them on his crouched knees. “What were you thinking?” He never knew Kazuki until months before, and it was then when his training started. He had been intrigued by Kazuki’s pure soul and cute attachment to Ruka's presence

Kazuki had collapsed to the sidewalk, his butt settling on the grey pavement. Rubbing his forearm across his eyes, wiping them dry of the tears, he looked up into Ruka's snake like eyes. His lip quivered when he looked over his shoulder at the mangled bike across the road, leaning against a light post.

“Ruka nii,” he paused, sniffling. “How did you?” Though it was all frightening, the mystery of how Ruka had got to him before the vehicle had. Fresh tears had dribbled down his cheek, welling in his eyes thickly.

Slowly raising himself up right on his feet, Ruka looked down the bridge of his nose at the boy crying on the ground. Letting out a soft sigh, Ruka tilted his head back.

“Go home Kazuki, Sakuragi san is waiting for you.” Sakuragi san was his single mother. Ruka had not been related by blood to either Kazuki or his mother and grandfather, but due to a deal he made, he lived with them under the impression he was a long distance relative.  Ruka took a step away from Kazuki, turning his back to him. “Tell her I will not be home until later.” It was rare that Ruka was at home on time, but he was a growing boy, it would be rare to see him not rebel.

Bokutachi wa Akuma: Chapter 2

“… And yet there has been another mysterious death in the city of Tokyo. The attack in question happened in the Minato Prefecture. Found last night, the unharmed body of a female in her late 20’s was beside a garbage disposal unit near a local grocer. This being said, this is the sixth death this month alone. Police are still searching for any suspects in these crimes. Detectives say it is done by one individual due to the links of methods used in each murder. Police are saying that younger individuals should be home before nightfall, and no one should walk alone for this is a dangerous individual. If there is anyone with any information we please ask if you call the number on the bottom of your screen. Police would like this person behind bars before any other attacks happen in the city.

Next, a young puppy discovered alive under the tracks of the Shinkansen, after this break…”

“Uwaa! Kowa!” watching the morning news, dressed in his checkered, black and white, matching pajama set, Daichi sat curled up on the couch. He normally watched cooking shows, looking for new recipes to try. Last night before bed, Ryota must have left the channel on the local news. He turned on the television, only to hear about the deaths in the city.

Rubbing his arms, getting rid of the chills the news gave him, he turned the television on mute for only a minute.

“Ryota! Have you heard on the news?” He looked over his shoulder, shouting throughout the house.

He came sleepily from around the corner, his bedhead reaching for the ceiling. He slapped his cheek, rubbing his face vigorously. Opening his mouth wide, he let out a tremendous yawn.

“Do you ever sleep Daichi?” He knew sometimes he slept too long, but Ryota tried to get at least six hours of sleep a night. He heavily brought his feet to the back of the couch, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. “What, the murders?” he set his butt down on the back of the couch, pivoting himself around sliding down on the cushion of the couch, sitting next to Daichi.

“Yeah they were talking about it last night too.” Even sitting, Ryota was noticeable taller than Daichi. “Why did they find another victim?” It was in Ryota’s nature to care, his concern not only came from the sympathy for these people’s families, but for his own safety, as well as his friends and family.

Daichi shifted himself, pulling himself into the fetal position in the corner of the couch. He carried a small pout on his smooth, round lips. He was waiting to explain the story to Ryota.

“Yeah. I'm worried for my kaa-chan.” Though it was not what was explained in the broadcast that he had seen, all victims were young and youthful. He was worried that the victims’ range would not move towards women like his mother. “Do you think she’s safe?” His own bedhead had fallen, temporarily covering his sweet, chocolate eyes.

Ryota looked to his similar friend with a sweet smile on his lips. Reaching across the couch, he pats Daichi on the shoulder.

“Your kaa-chan will be fine. My kaa-chan will be fine.” For a split second, Daichi had given him a fright. His mother was his life, he loved her with his life, and even the thought of her in danger, scared him. “There seems to be a specific pattern in the all the victims.” Though his mother was perfect safe, he himself was not. Him and his friends had just graduated school before they came to this city, and they were all the right ages for these attacks.

Daichi was not informed about this topic, but knowing his mother was safe, he felt at ease. He didn't ask any more questions of Ryota, he only turned the television’s sound back on in hopes more news about it would come back on.

Him and Ryota had lived together for only a few months, without their mothers around, it was still very difficult to become accustomed to. Daichi and Ryota met in elementary school, having more in common then the sideline bench of the sports field. Both Daichi and Ryota had an undying love for their single, mother parents. They had both been an only child and had been smothered by loving mothers from an early age where there was still no room for conscious memories. Their mothers loved them whole-heartedly as their children loved them.

Today there was nothing to do after a meeting with their new friends. Though he was very confident, Daichi was still very nervous about it. They had a meeting the month before, but the mature, pure hearted Mikiya was very understanding and passionate about this business that Daichi and his friends were being accepted into, everything had to go just right for him. Ryota was nervous as well, yet after giving his mother a call, and they had talked about the meeting, he felt only a little more confident then before. Shi had given her son some encouraging words before him and Daichi had left off to the building as to where Mikiya had asked them to meet.

Bokutachi wa Akuma: Chapter 1

On this summer’s night, the air was warm and fresh, the sky darkened by a mist coming off the wide ocean. Hidden behind the grey clouds, the bright, white full moon began shining it’s light down on the darkened cityscape. Atop a building overlooking the harbor stood a young boy on the edge of the roof. He carried an ill-favored expression on his face, he was blank, like the light casting over his features. His midnight black hair blended perfectly with the night sky, his dark brown eyes popped against his pale ivory complexion. The wind blew his black hair gently against his gentle brow above his snake like eyes.

Across the city, in a private bar sat three men in business suits in the lounge. With long, wavy, brown hair, a man held a brandy on the rocks. With a grim look over his face, the black haired male poured back a small glass of hot sake. He licked the small grin that had formed, off his lips with his moist, pink tongue. The final, taller man held a long, slender Champagne flute between his long fingers. The man that held the Brandy, tilted his head back, his long wavy hair falling over the back of his seat. He took a slow deep breath with a short pause, he then let out a quick sigh. It was yet another uneventful night and this male wanted to have a little fun.

He had already shot back a half a dozen, and yet he felt nothing. The black haired male was still as sober as if he were drinking water. He dressed perfectly in a three-piece black suit. It fit him perfectly, tailored to fit his long, slender frame. With one more glass passing his narrow, dark pink lips, he looked to the boss, hoping for this night’s decision.

Drained of all his energy, holding his champagne flute weakly, the third man who was dressed in a dark, tan three-piece suit blinked slowly, almost lifelessly. He had dropped some energy pilled in his drink in hopes to get some life back to himself, yet he had no luck. Beneath the black hairline of his short, almost buzzed hair dripped two wounds on either side of his neck. His starched, perfectly pressed white collar had been stained crimson.

Throwing his head forward, his long, wavy hair flying over his dark, lazy eyes, the man looked at his glass solemnly. His drink was thrown to the S-curved table in front of him, its contents spreading over the glass surface. A groan passed his glossed, pink lips, his eyes focusing on the drops that dripped down onto the black slate flooring.

“Okei, we need out.” His deep dominant voice directed itself to his prepped and pretty companion. “Tonight is far too uneventful.” He was lazy, his speech was hollow and unimpressed. His days events truly effected his mood, on any other day, he would be much more enthusiastic. The man leaned back in his seat, pulling his blazer of his bare chest. Though he normally never wore a shirt under his blazer, he was very subconscious about how he looked.

With an empty stare and barely a speck of emotion, his accomplice gently placed his drink on the wet, S-curved table, his narrow, dark eyes rising to his boss. A grin grew on his thin lips while he leaned over his knees, hoping for a suggestion as for the night’s plans.

“What did you have in mind, boss?” Both were mere equals, but with social differences, the elegant man called his equal of a higher seniority. His voice spoke low and calm, he was airy in his speech. He spoke with class, not to tire out his lovely voice.

in a slow carefree blink through his long bangs, the male looked to his elegant accomplice, a smile grew on his full, reddening lips, a smile full of much sinister.

“How about we go hunting?” In the deep streets of Tokyo, there was still to be many people around, minding their own business. One would expect, with so many others around, a mere hunting game would more nothing less than impossible. He folded his arms across his chest, holding the metallic fabric of his blazer closed.

His colleague tilted his head, his bangs falling over his eyes as he grinned most horrifically. It was obvious that his suggestion sparked something inside him. A hunting game was just what these two needed. For too long have these two hidden in the darkness, with their pet by their side every step of the way. A little fight once in a while was needed. With a gentle, graced finger, the elegant man pushed his black bangs from his eyes, returning them to his boss.

“That sounds Exhilarating.” He crossed one leg over the other, looking more pretty now then threatening. His impressed expression moving over to their weakened, dirty friend. He laughed slightly, his eyes arching in a creepy manor. He nudged towards him silently. “What about him? Shall we take him with us?” The question in itself was insulting, he was not worthy of their hunting games.

Tossing his long wavy hair, the boss looked over to their friend. A small chuckle passed his lips in seeing him. Arm slung over the edge of his seat, his drink barely in his fingers. He chuckled to himself again.

“Yuichi doesn't seem fit for a night out.” A loud crash came from his direction, his glassed slipped from the weak grip of his fingers. Both laughed this time, their eyes meeting momentarily this time. “Perhaps we took too much this time Kyoukei.” The boss’ eyes darkened as they fell upon his accomplice again. On this night, he took much less from Yuichi, this time his uselessness was to blame on his accomplice.

Kyoukei pushed himself forward, barely sitting on the seat of his leather chair. His dark, narrow eyes looked up to his boss who stared at his rather maliciously. Returning the dark stare through his bangs, Kyoukei rose, keeping his gaze locked on the boss.

“Don't blame me, Akira. You had some too.” He was feeling irritated. Things like this were always blamed on him. Small things like this, and the time that Akira was hit by a car because Kyoukei had not told him it was coming at him. “Lets go, Yuichi will be fine here.” Though they used him as a puppet, a pet, they still cared for Yuichi’s safety and well-being. He was nothing but a tool to them, who stuck by their side in even knowing the truth about them.

Yuichi sunk lower in his seat, fully unconscious now. He was drained too much of his life source to be able to move around for now. Shrugging him off, Akira stood as well, ignoring Kyoukei’s comment. His blazer had opened, exposing his fit, perfectly toned chest and stomach to the pale, yellow light of the bar.

“Ikuzou Kyoukei.” His tone had darkened, he was definitely ready for a fight night of food. His narrow eyes blinked slowly and his gaze fell upon the doorway. “I'm growing impatient.” Kyoukei only rolled his eyes at that, he was more then ready to leave, he was only waiting for Akira.

Stepping around the S-curve table, Akira buttoned up his blazer, keeping his bare chest underneath, hidden. In what seemed like a shot of a slow motion camera, he flicked his medium brown hair back with the back of his hand. Even in the low, yellow light of the bar lights, the mysterious sparkle down his neck and collarbone shone evidently. It was many years ago that this ‘symptom’ had occurred. It was the cause of his bodily insecurities. With a graced, high-powered stride, Akira had disappeared through the low curtains of the doorway.

With leaning all his weight on one foot, Kyoukei adjusted the tie under his collar. Though it had been perfectly in place, he felt the need to straighten it again. Giving his lips a gentle lick as he tossed his head up, his dark brown eyes looked to the doorway. Slicking back the hair around his ear, he took one step, patting Yuichi on the shoulder as he walked passed.

“Sleep well.” He whispered softly before continuing his stride to the freshness of the night air. His in his tone also showed in his classy stride.

Outdoors now, the two long time friends stood on the streets looking to see where their best location would be on this beautiful Tokyo night.

Fanfic Post
rei_miyoko this will be the first time I'm posting my fanfics to LiveJournal, and i am only doing it because i have confidence that people are starting to like them now.

Most current and developed story so far, it is Called "Bokutachi wa Akuma" (We are Vampires). it is about a group of men who are associated with two men who have started a chain of murders around the city of Tokyo. These two men are famous for their work, yet are hidden behind an alternate life of darkness. A newly debuted group of friends had just found their way to fame with the guidance of their oldest friend who set up the entire dream when him and his friend were in high school. with a stray friend coming into the life of the youngest members brother, he had seemed to catch the members attention by being different. So far the only one that knew of this strangers different characteristics, was one cute, confident boy who was attacked by him one day. Maruki had been converted into a vampire without even knowing that there was a possibility that they could have ever existed. Being a new vampire with no guidance himself, he one day attacks his good friend within the group, and turns him to a vampire. in total, there are five vampires roaming the city of Tokyo, and three of them are destined to join and stop these vicious killings once and for all.
There is another mystery that i have added to the story, but you will have to read to find out what it is.

Here is what i have so far for this story.
#Chapter One
#Chapter Two
#Chapter Three
#Chapter Four
#Chapter Five
#Chapter Six
#Chapter Seven
#Chapter Eight
#Chapter Nine
#Chapter Ten
#Chapter Eleven
#Chapter Twelve
#Chapter Thirteen
#Chapter Fourteen
#Chapter Fifteen
#Chapter Sixteen
Chapter Seventeen to come
#Chapter Eighteen

Yan Yan JUMP
Have not yet found the 10th episode of Yan Yan JUMP. but will post a link when i can! So turn up that JUMP music until i do, CAUSE I CANT HERE YOU PLAYING IT! ^^


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