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Bokutachi wa Akuma: Chapter 4
“Maika! Have you made your decision about these friends of Rin yet?” Though the entire, final decision came down to Mikiya, Maika's decision was still highly appreciated and Mikiya valued it greatly. Sitting at the office desk in the living room, Mikiya leaned his head over the seat, looking up to the ceiling. “Mai!” He shouted again, trying to get Maika's attention.

“Did you call me?” a more youthful, deeper voice had returned the call. A meatier, tall boy had skipped into the living room from the rest of the house. It was a rare thing for Mikiya, but his parents were busy, and he was left with a babysitting job.

Mikiya spun in his chair, leaning it back to its limits. With the recognition of the other’s voice, he looked at the boy grimly.
“Mizuki. I called Ma-i-ka, not Mi-zu-ki.” Mizuki was Mikiya's younger, foster brother. He had a misunderstood incident many years back, and that resulted in him having to move into foster care. He was five years younger then Mikiya, but lacked much more maturity then that of five years. “Can you just go get him please?” Mikiya tapped his pen against his cheek, trying to contain the low level tolerance towards Mizuki.

Snapping his fingers playfully, opening his mouth about to say something. Mikiya raised his hand, pointing for him to leave without saying a word. Mizuki dropped his hand like a puppy and spun on his heels, walking down the hall.
Moments later Maika jumped down the dancing along to a beat in his head. He stopped at the edge of the rug under the office desk.
“What is it Mi nii?” he was bubbly as usual, his comedic tone was always apparent, even if he was being serious.

Mikiya dropped his head to his chest, letting out a soft sigh. Clapping his hands together, he started off his little monologue.
“Maika, the interviews we had last week with Rin’s friends from Osaka, are we taking them? I mean we are only just starting off, taking on a whole new crew is risky, right? We've heard them sing, we've seen them do the dance arrangement you set up for them, and they were good. This is a big investment for me, and you too. When you and I and Maa chan and Ai had accepted Rin into our project, we all had to discuss it in depth. How much have you and I talked about this?” He took a deep breath, about to continue his monologue when Maika had cut him off quickly.

He put his hand out, stopping him before he could continue again. Sometimes there were times when Mikiya had started talking where he could not stop himself.
“Yes.” He threw his outreached hand to his side. Whether he didn't want them or not, he would have answered as quickly as possible to make Mikiya stop thinking about it and relax for once. “I think they will be good, and I'm confident that they will remain focused on everything we will be doing.” Maika always had a say in what this group did. They had started it together back in high school, and they were going to keep it together as a team.
“Going to have to go talk to our manager and tell him we have the new installment.” Maika continued, starting his own little monologue. “I'm sure he will have no problem with the addition of five new members. I know we can do it. I mean the song you wrote for ‘Go!’ was perfect.” They had yet to even do a sample record due to a problem at the recording studio, but the sound that he could hear in his head was good.

Mikiya clamped his hands around his head, letting out a stress-relieving sigh. He paused a moment when a bright smile peered on his thin lips, bearing his perfect straight, white teeth.
“Ah, yatta.” Finally, there was a solid decision. “Thank you Maika.” He stood, readying himself for a high five from Maika.

As he was about to continue his thanks to Maika, a nosy stepbrother cut him off.
“Ne, aniki. Are you and your friend taking those Osaka boys?” he placed his palms under his chin, trying to be cute. “Awe that's so cute! Aniki I think you should do what we talked about.” Mizuki skipped off to the door, dangling his keys.
“I'm leaving for a bit aniki. Kazuki said he had something important to tell me. He got in an accident a few days ago or something.” He grasped the keys to Mikiya's house in his fingers, waving off to Mikiya and Maika. “Jaa ne!” he waved cutely and darted out the door.

Maika had his head tilted, his jaw dropped and shifted off to the side as he listened to Mizuki. As soon as he left, he spun on his heels, facing Mikiya again, with the look plastered over his face.
“He isn’t talking about what I think he's talking about is he?” The two had discussed it before when Mizuki had first brought it up. Mikiya gave him a single, slow nod. “Awe! Hontou? He's still thinking about that!” Maika had moved to the couch, throwing himself over the top and landing on the cushion softly, laying flat on his back facing Mikiya.
“So what are you going to do? Are you going to take him?” Maika fiddled his fingers together, playing with the drawstring of his shorts.

Mikiya ruffled the back of his head, messing his hair. With just one question from a pesky stepbrother, all his stress came back.
“I don't know. I've seen his talent and determination but,” he stopped, making his way to the arm of their plush couch stepping over it, he set himself down, leaning himself on his knees in thought. “But he doesn't seem reliable. Not to mention my parents would be mad at me if I didn't.” His thumb ran over his bottom lip slowly, his eyes looking off into space.
“I guess we could give him a chance, he is my brother after all.” Shifting his gaze back to Maika, he seemed very unsure of his words, but it was the best thing to do.

Maika tilted his head back, leaning it over the arm of the couch. Throwing his arms up over his head, he stretched, letting out a following groan. In a family matter, Maika had no word in it, nor did he want to get involved in family matters. He let out a small hum, raising his head back up.
“Well whatever your decision, we have to go talk to the manager and tell him.” Maika relaxed himself, sinking into the cushion further. “Want to leave now and get it over and done with?” His dark brown hair was being played with, clearing it from his long, slender face. Mikiya had raised his browns looking at him with hesitation after a moment of though he nodded.
With elastic that he found on the side table, Maika tied his bangs atop his head, keeping them from his face.
“Then we should go before he leaves.” He groaned, throwing his feet over the edge of the couch as he sat up. Mikiya had nodded and agreed, hesitant, but he agreed.


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