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Bokutachi wa Akuma: Chapter 3

Peddling as fast as he could, a young boy had been trying his hardest to get home on time from spending time with friends. He had not expected to end up so far away from home, but with bikes they had ventured off to a large bicycle park near Ueno Park. Supper had been set for six o’clock and he only had fifteen minutes to bicycle three kilometers.

“Ah, kuso!” He leaned over the handlebars of his mountain bike and peddled his heart out, trying to get home as fast as he could.

Zipping passed all the other pedestrians, his hair blowing back, exposing his mature face to the warm wind. His backpack had been bouncing back and forth with each step over the pedal, his focus completely on the watch on his wrist.

Taking his sweet time with his hands in the pockets of his black hoody, another young boy headed in a cross direction of the rushed boy. He wore the hood of his hoody to cover his head, his thick black hair masking his face from the low sun. The flawless features of his baby like face made others around him, look at his with dawning eyes. Though all attention was on him, they all seemed to avoid him. The young boy had certain darkness to his aura, upsetting all the strangers who neared him.

In a cross section of the streets, stopped by a red light, the young hooded boy came to a slow stop. The bantering of dozens of friends and businessmen on cell phones had been giving him a headache. As soon as the light turned green, prompting him the permission to walk, he began again. In one step, he started walking, when something had caught his sensitive eye. A boy on a bike had zoomed by, ignoring the red light he was crossing on. Stopping before his foot had left the curb, his gaze shot to the boy on the bike.

Speeding to catch the turning signal before it had turned red, a 4X4 pickup truck had begun going through. The man in the pickup ignored any signs of pedestrians crossing when they weren’t supposed to on the red light cross walk. Directly in its path, was that rushed boy trying to get home. He shot a gaze to the vehicle, they had no intention on slowing down. Quickly, with no visual confirmation, the young, hooded boy had rushed to the biker’s aid. With standby’s screams, the truck had his the bicycle, hurdling it across the intersection. The male driver had screeched to a stop in the middle of the road. Jumping out, he had looked for remains the poor boy he suspected he had hit. Pedestrians swarmed into the streets, searching themselves for the boy’s body. All drivers had begun shouting at each other, wondering why no one was moving.

On the corner of the street, behind the growing crowd, stood the boy who wore a black hoody, tightly hugging the young biker. His thin, strong body wrapped tightly around the boy, protecting him. Finally regaining a sense of courage, the young boy slowly opened his eyes, still not breathing. Pulling back from the saviors grasp, he looked with wide, diluted eyes, which soon filled with wet tears.

“Ruka nii!” He dove to his savors shoulder, hugging him tightly. Tears soon fell, he sobbed onto the cool skin of the hooded boy. The young, black haired boy covered his face, burring his face into Ruka’s neck.

Being locked always in the vice of the young boys grip, Ruka had no expression in his warm eyes. He had just saved a young boy from instant death, yet he was incapable of feeling hope. His long, pale fingers gripped the boys shoulders, feeling just how much he had been shaking. He pushed the boy off of him, holding him still while his cold locked onto him with a stern expression.

“Kazuki. Look what you are doing.” He spoke in a low cold tone. Ruka was a very young and very handsome, but he was very shy and quiet, cruel to the untrained eye. He rarely spoke, and when he did, he usually made logical sense, which usually raised more questions. Ruka slowly dropped his hands, resting them on his crouched knees. “What were you thinking?” He never knew Kazuki until months before, and it was then when his training started. He had been intrigued by Kazuki’s pure soul and cute attachment to Ruka's presence

Kazuki had collapsed to the sidewalk, his butt settling on the grey pavement. Rubbing his forearm across his eyes, wiping them dry of the tears, he looked up into Ruka's snake like eyes. His lip quivered when he looked over his shoulder at the mangled bike across the road, leaning against a light post.

“Ruka nii,” he paused, sniffling. “How did you?” Though it was all frightening, the mystery of how Ruka had got to him before the vehicle had. Fresh tears had dribbled down his cheek, welling in his eyes thickly.

Slowly raising himself up right on his feet, Ruka looked down the bridge of his nose at the boy crying on the ground. Letting out a soft sigh, Ruka tilted his head back.

“Go home Kazuki, Sakuragi san is waiting for you.” Sakuragi san was his single mother. Ruka had not been related by blood to either Kazuki or his mother and grandfather, but due to a deal he made, he lived with them under the impression he was a long distance relative.  Ruka took a step away from Kazuki, turning his back to him. “Tell her I will not be home until later.” It was rare that Ruka was at home on time, but he was a growing boy, it would be rare to see him not rebel.


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