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Bokutachi wa Akuma: Chapter 2

“… And yet there has been another mysterious death in the city of Tokyo. The attack in question happened in the Minato Prefecture. Found last night, the unharmed body of a female in her late 20’s was beside a garbage disposal unit near a local grocer. This being said, this is the sixth death this month alone. Police are still searching for any suspects in these crimes. Detectives say it is done by one individual due to the links of methods used in each murder. Police are saying that younger individuals should be home before nightfall, and no one should walk alone for this is a dangerous individual. If there is anyone with any information we please ask if you call the number on the bottom of your screen. Police would like this person behind bars before any other attacks happen in the city.

Next, a young puppy discovered alive under the tracks of the Shinkansen, after this break…”

“Uwaa! Kowa!” watching the morning news, dressed in his checkered, black and white, matching pajama set, Daichi sat curled up on the couch. He normally watched cooking shows, looking for new recipes to try. Last night before bed, Ryota must have left the channel on the local news. He turned on the television, only to hear about the deaths in the city.

Rubbing his arms, getting rid of the chills the news gave him, he turned the television on mute for only a minute.

“Ryota! Have you heard on the news?” He looked over his shoulder, shouting throughout the house.

He came sleepily from around the corner, his bedhead reaching for the ceiling. He slapped his cheek, rubbing his face vigorously. Opening his mouth wide, he let out a tremendous yawn.

“Do you ever sleep Daichi?” He knew sometimes he slept too long, but Ryota tried to get at least six hours of sleep a night. He heavily brought his feet to the back of the couch, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. “What, the murders?” he set his butt down on the back of the couch, pivoting himself around sliding down on the cushion of the couch, sitting next to Daichi.

“Yeah they were talking about it last night too.” Even sitting, Ryota was noticeable taller than Daichi. “Why did they find another victim?” It was in Ryota’s nature to care, his concern not only came from the sympathy for these people’s families, but for his own safety, as well as his friends and family.

Daichi shifted himself, pulling himself into the fetal position in the corner of the couch. He carried a small pout on his smooth, round lips. He was waiting to explain the story to Ryota.

“Yeah. I'm worried for my kaa-chan.” Though it was not what was explained in the broadcast that he had seen, all victims were young and youthful. He was worried that the victims’ range would not move towards women like his mother. “Do you think she’s safe?” His own bedhead had fallen, temporarily covering his sweet, chocolate eyes.

Ryota looked to his similar friend with a sweet smile on his lips. Reaching across the couch, he pats Daichi on the shoulder.

“Your kaa-chan will be fine. My kaa-chan will be fine.” For a split second, Daichi had given him a fright. His mother was his life, he loved her with his life, and even the thought of her in danger, scared him. “There seems to be a specific pattern in the all the victims.” Though his mother was perfect safe, he himself was not. Him and his friends had just graduated school before they came to this city, and they were all the right ages for these attacks.

Daichi was not informed about this topic, but knowing his mother was safe, he felt at ease. He didn't ask any more questions of Ryota, he only turned the television’s sound back on in hopes more news about it would come back on.

Him and Ryota had lived together for only a few months, without their mothers around, it was still very difficult to become accustomed to. Daichi and Ryota met in elementary school, having more in common then the sideline bench of the sports field. Both Daichi and Ryota had an undying love for their single, mother parents. They had both been an only child and had been smothered by loving mothers from an early age where there was still no room for conscious memories. Their mothers loved them whole-heartedly as their children loved them.

Today there was nothing to do after a meeting with their new friends. Though he was very confident, Daichi was still very nervous about it. They had a meeting the month before, but the mature, pure hearted Mikiya was very understanding and passionate about this business that Daichi and his friends were being accepted into, everything had to go just right for him. Ryota was nervous as well, yet after giving his mother a call, and they had talked about the meeting, he felt only a little more confident then before. Shi had given her son some encouraging words before him and Daichi had left off to the building as to where Mikiya had asked them to meet.


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