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Bokutachi wa Akuma: Chapter 1

On this summer’s night, the air was warm and fresh, the sky darkened by a mist coming off the wide ocean. Hidden behind the grey clouds, the bright, white full moon began shining it’s light down on the darkened cityscape. Atop a building overlooking the harbor stood a young boy on the edge of the roof. He carried an ill-favored expression on his face, he was blank, like the light casting over his features. His midnight black hair blended perfectly with the night sky, his dark brown eyes popped against his pale ivory complexion. The wind blew his black hair gently against his gentle brow above his snake like eyes.

Across the city, in a private bar sat three men in business suits in the lounge. With long, wavy, brown hair, a man held a brandy on the rocks. With a grim look over his face, the black haired male poured back a small glass of hot sake. He licked the small grin that had formed, off his lips with his moist, pink tongue. The final, taller man held a long, slender Champagne flute between his long fingers. The man that held the Brandy, tilted his head back, his long wavy hair falling over the back of his seat. He took a slow deep breath with a short pause, he then let out a quick sigh. It was yet another uneventful night and this male wanted to have a little fun.

He had already shot back a half a dozen, and yet he felt nothing. The black haired male was still as sober as if he were drinking water. He dressed perfectly in a three-piece black suit. It fit him perfectly, tailored to fit his long, slender frame. With one more glass passing his narrow, dark pink lips, he looked to the boss, hoping for this night’s decision.

Drained of all his energy, holding his champagne flute weakly, the third man who was dressed in a dark, tan three-piece suit blinked slowly, almost lifelessly. He had dropped some energy pilled in his drink in hopes to get some life back to himself, yet he had no luck. Beneath the black hairline of his short, almost buzzed hair dripped two wounds on either side of his neck. His starched, perfectly pressed white collar had been stained crimson.

Throwing his head forward, his long, wavy hair flying over his dark, lazy eyes, the man looked at his glass solemnly. His drink was thrown to the S-curved table in front of him, its contents spreading over the glass surface. A groan passed his glossed, pink lips, his eyes focusing on the drops that dripped down onto the black slate flooring.

“Okei, we need out.” His deep dominant voice directed itself to his prepped and pretty companion. “Tonight is far too uneventful.” He was lazy, his speech was hollow and unimpressed. His days events truly effected his mood, on any other day, he would be much more enthusiastic. The man leaned back in his seat, pulling his blazer of his bare chest. Though he normally never wore a shirt under his blazer, he was very subconscious about how he looked.

With an empty stare and barely a speck of emotion, his accomplice gently placed his drink on the wet, S-curved table, his narrow, dark eyes rising to his boss. A grin grew on his thin lips while he leaned over his knees, hoping for a suggestion as for the night’s plans.

“What did you have in mind, boss?” Both were mere equals, but with social differences, the elegant man called his equal of a higher seniority. His voice spoke low and calm, he was airy in his speech. He spoke with class, not to tire out his lovely voice.

in a slow carefree blink through his long bangs, the male looked to his elegant accomplice, a smile grew on his full, reddening lips, a smile full of much sinister.

“How about we go hunting?” In the deep streets of Tokyo, there was still to be many people around, minding their own business. One would expect, with so many others around, a mere hunting game would more nothing less than impossible. He folded his arms across his chest, holding the metallic fabric of his blazer closed.

His colleague tilted his head, his bangs falling over his eyes as he grinned most horrifically. It was obvious that his suggestion sparked something inside him. A hunting game was just what these two needed. For too long have these two hidden in the darkness, with their pet by their side every step of the way. A little fight once in a while was needed. With a gentle, graced finger, the elegant man pushed his black bangs from his eyes, returning them to his boss.

“That sounds Exhilarating.” He crossed one leg over the other, looking more pretty now then threatening. His impressed expression moving over to their weakened, dirty friend. He laughed slightly, his eyes arching in a creepy manor. He nudged towards him silently. “What about him? Shall we take him with us?” The question in itself was insulting, he was not worthy of their hunting games.

Tossing his long wavy hair, the boss looked over to their friend. A small chuckle passed his lips in seeing him. Arm slung over the edge of his seat, his drink barely in his fingers. He chuckled to himself again.

“Yuichi doesn't seem fit for a night out.” A loud crash came from his direction, his glassed slipped from the weak grip of his fingers. Both laughed this time, their eyes meeting momentarily this time. “Perhaps we took too much this time Kyoukei.” The boss’ eyes darkened as they fell upon his accomplice again. On this night, he took much less from Yuichi, this time his uselessness was to blame on his accomplice.

Kyoukei pushed himself forward, barely sitting on the seat of his leather chair. His dark, narrow eyes looked up to his boss who stared at his rather maliciously. Returning the dark stare through his bangs, Kyoukei rose, keeping his gaze locked on the boss.

“Don't blame me, Akira. You had some too.” He was feeling irritated. Things like this were always blamed on him. Small things like this, and the time that Akira was hit by a car because Kyoukei had not told him it was coming at him. “Lets go, Yuichi will be fine here.” Though they used him as a puppet, a pet, they still cared for Yuichi’s safety and well-being. He was nothing but a tool to them, who stuck by their side in even knowing the truth about them.

Yuichi sunk lower in his seat, fully unconscious now. He was drained too much of his life source to be able to move around for now. Shrugging him off, Akira stood as well, ignoring Kyoukei’s comment. His blazer had opened, exposing his fit, perfectly toned chest and stomach to the pale, yellow light of the bar.

“Ikuzou Kyoukei.” His tone had darkened, he was definitely ready for a fight night of food. His narrow eyes blinked slowly and his gaze fell upon the doorway. “I'm growing impatient.” Kyoukei only rolled his eyes at that, he was more then ready to leave, he was only waiting for Akira.

Stepping around the S-curve table, Akira buttoned up his blazer, keeping his bare chest underneath, hidden. In what seemed like a shot of a slow motion camera, he flicked his medium brown hair back with the back of his hand. Even in the low, yellow light of the bar lights, the mysterious sparkle down his neck and collarbone shone evidently. It was many years ago that this ‘symptom’ had occurred. It was the cause of his bodily insecurities. With a graced, high-powered stride, Akira had disappeared through the low curtains of the doorway.

With leaning all his weight on one foot, Kyoukei adjusted the tie under his collar. Though it had been perfectly in place, he felt the need to straighten it again. Giving his lips a gentle lick as he tossed his head up, his dark brown eyes looked to the doorway. Slicking back the hair around his ear, he took one step, patting Yuichi on the shoulder as he walked passed.

“Sleep well.” He whispered softly before continuing his stride to the freshness of the night air. His in his tone also showed in his classy stride.

Outdoors now, the two long time friends stood on the streets looking to see where their best location would be on this beautiful Tokyo night.


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