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Fanfic Post
rei_miyoko this will be the first time I'm posting my fanfics to LiveJournal, and i am only doing it because i have confidence that people are starting to like them now.

Most current and developed story so far, it is Called "Bokutachi wa Akuma" (We are Vampires). it is about a group of men who are associated with two men who have started a chain of murders around the city of Tokyo. These two men are famous for their work, yet are hidden behind an alternate life of darkness. A newly debuted group of friends had just found their way to fame with the guidance of their oldest friend who set up the entire dream when him and his friend were in high school. with a stray friend coming into the life of the youngest members brother, he had seemed to catch the members attention by being different. So far the only one that knew of this strangers different characteristics, was one cute, confident boy who was attacked by him one day. Maruki had been converted into a vampire without even knowing that there was a possibility that they could have ever existed. Being a new vampire with no guidance himself, he one day attacks his good friend within the group, and turns him to a vampire. in total, there are five vampires roaming the city of Tokyo, and three of them are destined to join and stop these vicious killings once and for all.
There is another mystery that i have added to the story, but you will have to read to find out what it is.

Here is what i have so far for this story.
#Chapter One
#Chapter Two
#Chapter Three
#Chapter Four
#Chapter Five
#Chapter Six
#Chapter Seven
#Chapter Eight
#Chapter Nine
#Chapter Ten
#Chapter Eleven
#Chapter Twelve
#Chapter Thirteen
#Chapter Fourteen
#Chapter Fifteen
#Chapter Sixteen
Chapter Seventeen to come
#Chapter Eighteen


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